Build Trust In Your Wholesale Operation

April 11, 2016

In today’s ultra-competitive dealership world, extracting the maximum value from every department is paramount. Your retail used car department has already gotten the memo, but how about your wholesale car auctions? For most franchise dealers, wholesale operations are like the Wild West. There are many times where, as the seller, your goal is to quickly launch these trade-ins and aged units without ever having to make eye contact, meet, or talk with the buyers.

But if that’s how you’re running your wholesale auto auctions, you are leaving serious money on the table.

As buyers, trust is not something that comes to mind when we think about wholesale car auctions. Buyers have very little protection at physical auto auctions and sellers are conditioned to disclose the bare minimum information. I know of mega-dealer groups that blow out their entire wholesale inventory strictly in “as-is” condition to avoid headaches after the sale. This gives buyers virtually zero confidence and results in lower prices paid. But the reality is that by being honest upfront with buyers about the condition of a vehicle, you will dramatically transform your wholesale operation for the better.

ACV Auctions provides sellers the unique opportunity to manage their reputation and gain credibility, which directly results in stronger prices paid for wholesale cars, and a better experience for the buyers since they approach vehicles as an opportunity to win big, without worrying about getting burned.

Register today and see how we can bring your wholesale operations into the modern age through online auto auctions.