Having a Trusted Spotter

December 01, 2016

The more sets of eyeballs you have looking for potential cars for you to buy, the better your chances for success. I would typically bring another trusted buyer with me when I went to big auctions simply because I couldn’t be in every lane at once. Nowadays, a lot of the big volume groups that constantly need to buy just place bidders in each lane to watch every car from morning to afternoon. In both situations we are simply just trying to see and evaluate more inventory than we could process on our own.

Trusting the other set of eyes that is working for you is paramount to success. You can’t take just anyone with you to the auction and expect that they will be able to find potential vehicles that you would be interested in. They need to understand your business and be dialed in to finding what you like and buy. Then they need to be able to describe that car to you in a transparent and efficient way so that if you know what they are looking at, and if they buy it, there are no surprises when you see it for the first time! It could take years to establish that level of trust and confidence.

Having these spotters working for you, filtering through thousands of cars and only calling you on the ones they know you would like and then describing them accurately is important if you want to succeed as a dealer. It is impossible to be everywhere at once so having these spotters that you can rely on can make all the difference of finding the right car or missing it entirely.

Helping dealers accomplish this goal is in our DNA. Our vehicle condition reports are different than the rest of the industry for a reason. We know how important it is for you as a dealer to be able to quickly get to the facts about a car and then pursue it or pass on it. That is why we train our inspectors to communicate with you in a personalized way that you can trust and understand quickly and easily.

Think of every car listed on ACV by one of our inspectors as your own personal spotter who is combing through thousands of cars and describing them to you, all free of charge! Your buying ability doubles every time we add another inspector to the field and your chances for finding and buying that right vehicle that you need for your inventory just increased dramatically. Happy hunting!